Thursday, December 18, 2008

So... What's New?

I love Facebook.  I really do.  I have over 400 Facebook friends - some of whom I see every day, and some of whom I haven't spoken to in over ten years.  It's fun.  I find it's an easy way to stay "connected" to people that you may just want to say hi to every now then; on the flip side, it's also easy to send messages to your co-workers in the next room if your boss can access your email.  Not that I do that.  My boss is one of my Facebook friends.

But I digress.  The thing I DON'T like about Facebook is the question "so what's new?"  When someone asks me what's new, I want to tell them the NEWEST thing I can.  For example: what's new with me?  Well, the theater where I work is going to show The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which is cool, and I got a Christmas box from my dad yesterday, which is awesome, and I really need a pedicure.  That's what's "new" with me.  But someone you haven't talked to in over ten years doesn't want to hear about your janky toenails... but I can't in good conscience start the "what's new" answer with "Well, I graduated from college."  Because that would be answering "what's old?"

Facebook - A-
"What's new?" - C-

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