Friday, February 17, 2006


the set-up: I'm walking behind these two girls, when suddenly a guy starts to walk past them.

Him - Cheryl?
Her - Christopher!?
Him - Hey, how's it going?
Her - Good, good! How's it going?
Him - Good!
Her - So, what's up?
Him - Nothing! What's up with you?
Her - Nothing!
Him - Well, see ya!
Her - Yeah, see ya!
to girl #2, while walking away - That was my cousin!

And, scene.

LAMEST CONVERSATION EVER - D+ (points for sheer absurdity)


Anonymous said...

Amanda, you are my hero. I think if you could do a video blog doing the different voices and hitting me on the shoulder it would be so much better. :) Gas away.
<3 MC
PS - I'm sitting on your floor right now!

equippedtofascinate said...

If I passed my cousin, we wouldn't even talk to each other. True story.

Ashlee said...

Well, if I passed my cousin....

Nothing. Nothing at all would happen. I swear.

Ashley said...

That convo is reminicent of the interactions I have with my cousins on facebook. Half of the time when they request to be my friends I don't even have any idea who they are since many of them have different last names that I never really think about...

Extended family is weird.