Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blue Nile

One of the best things about out-of-town guests is their desire to eat out. Last night, Nate, Meggie, Nate's mom and dad, Nate's friend Tony and I ate at The Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant. I had eaten Ethiopian food once before, with Nate and Tony at this little place in Lansing, and it was super good, so we all suggested that the whole crew try it. Tony says Ethiopian food is like what they eat in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (although I thought they ate monkey brains in that movie, but whatever). There were no utensils - you use this thin spongy bread to sop up the food. Blue Nile gave us jasmine-scented hot washcloths to clean our hands before we ate, which was a really nice touch. We ordered the meat feast, which was delicious. My favorite part was the spicy red lentils, and I also liked the mild chicken. Everything was really good except for the potato/carrot dish; it was just too much like what comes on the side of pot roast, and had nothing interesting about it. For dessert, we had the tradition Ethiopian dessert of chocolate mousse in a white chocolate cup... what? It was good, but was it Ethiopian?

Blue Nile - A-


Anonymous said...

and we all know how much you dislike pot roast. The monkey brains were chilled and still in the monkey heads. That was supposed to be your dessert.

amanda's brother said...

Meat feast? I was under the impression that Ethiopian cuisine was pretty much vegetarian. But then, that was only an impression. Incidentally, I used to live in the section of L.A. called "Little Ethiopia," and not once did I go to an Ethiopian restaurant. D'oh!

equippedtofascinate said...

Um, if someone described Ethiopian food as similar to the food from Indiana Jones, the LAST thing I would order would be the meat feast. Live snakes, monkey brains, large insects...that scene used to gross me out.

paultoes said...

so what about our little mexican fiesta at the old what's-it-called? how come you haven't mentioned that, huh?
although, come to think of it, it wasn't much to shout about...
i did always want to try out the blue nile, but never had the
a) balls
b) money
c) companion
to go with.
choose your own adventure.
next time, my love, let's feast somewhere exquisite!

amandarama said...

Our feast came with all the vegetables you would think of - lentils, cabbage, collard greens etc. - but also some delicious meat in the middle of the huge communal. The "Veggie Feast" would have all the vegetables and a salad in the middle.

Chargenda said...

I love Ethiopian food a lot. There are a lot of them in DC and I went often when I lived there. And that little place in Lansing is so good, but the name escapes me now.The owner is SO SO friendly.

L1 said...

Wow, you guys are brave.

Daniel Fettinger said...

San Francisco checking in here: Ethiopian food = teh goodness. If the Blue Nile offers it (sorry, it's been a decade since I lived in MI), try their honey wine.

BTW -- fantastic blog. Just opened mine on a lark to post the odd fiction piece, and still learning the ropes. Nice to see cultured Michiganders making us ex-pats look good.