Saturday, February 18, 2006

Godiva G Series

My little Meggie is visiting this weekend, and to show her thanks for the home stay and to have a little Mom celebration, she brought a box of Godiva G Series chocolates. Mad props to Meggie for bringing such an awesome host gift! Nate, Meggie and I had a chocolate tasting party last night - we cut most of the 15 pieces into three little pieces so we could each have a tiny taste of each of them (mad props to Nate for suggesting this idea). As you can kind of see from this picture, these chocolates are works of art - lots of them were hand painted, and all of them were "hand crafted." From top to bottom, left to right, the flavors were:
P.B. and Jam; Passion Orange; Tart Raspberry; Mexican Hot Chocolate; Tasmanian Honey; Praline Crunch; Bananas Foster; Palet d'Or; Tahitian Vanilla; Italian Espresso; Vermont Maple Walnut; Key Lime Pie; Salted Caramel; Apple Pie; Thai Coconut... jealous yet? They were all basically fabulous, but some more than others. I LOVED the Tart Raspberry and Key Lime Pie, while the Apple Pie and Tahitian Vanilla weren't chocolately enough. The more "traditional" flavors, like the raspberry, walnut and praline were superb, but the exotic ones like the orange and honey were just a little too over the top for my simple tastes. The tasting and commenting was super fun - Nate and Meggie are both foodies, so they knew what was good and why.
Sad to say, the G Series has been retired - I'm glad I got to know it while I had a chance.

Godiva G Series - A-


Anonymous said...

A-! Amanda, I am dissapointed in your grade of this...the company and enjoyment of eating them alone was A+ material! :( BUT, you better give UPBUM an A+ or my visit all around an A+ because I'm pretty freakin' sweet. :) And I buy chocolates and vegetarian dinner with soysage. :) Uh oh, you're getting out of the shower now!
<3 MC

paultoes said...

one time i got drunk on those little vodka-filled chocolate balls. very classy. merry christmas.
until i puked into the fireplace. right underneath the stockings. i told them it was some Polish custom.

Bethro said...

I'm jealous. I want this chocolate!