Thursday, May 03, 2007

This Blog Is "Awesome"

Last night I ate at Senor Lopez. I don't like the name of this restaurant and will henceforth refer to it as Rancho Grande.
Rancho Grande might have the best Mexican food in Ann Arbor, but in general, A2 has really bad Mexican food, so Rancho Grande doesn't really score bonus points. What I did like about them was their menu. They erroneously used quotation marks around things that really didn't need them - for example, Rancho Grande serves "authentic" Mexican food. Does this mean it's not authentic? And how about the tamales, which are made with "pork?" This almost made me not order them, because if it's "pork," then there might be all kinds of other shit in there. There were lots of other bad quotations marks, too many to keep track of, but I think there was some "Mexican" food and a wish that we "enjoy our meal." Non-native speakers trying to be hip, or sarcastic bastards? I "don't know."

misplaced quotation marks - "C"


Peach said...

That is hilarious!!
I'm laughing so hard, just thinking about it!!!!

christa said...

That makes me "laugh."

Bethro said...


Frannie Farmer said...

That reminds me of Britney's interview with Matt Lauer - when she kept doing the air quotes .. what does that mean really?
But I am hungry now. Happy Cinco de Mayo!