Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another Reason Why I'm Going To Hell

I am not making fun of stutterers. Stuttering sucks. I am glad that I don't stutter, and I am happy when people (such as James Earl Jones!) can overcome their stutters and become non-impeded members of society.

But this is National Stuttering Awareness Week - and there's something really funny about that to me. It's similar to the ribbons that people wear for every cause, even causes most people have never heard of - so you've got to have a week to go along with every cause and every ribbon. Do the stutterers really need a NATIONAL awareness week? Do they even want people to be aware of them, or would they rather be ignored? At any rate, when I read an editorial in a newspaper that was blowing across the vestibule at work, and when I read that it was National Stuttering Awareness Week - I laughed. The end.

me, on the bus to Hell - F
saving seats for all my homies - A+!


Ashley said...

Last night at Trivia, our team name was "See ya' in Hell, Falwell." Can't wait to see you there!

I had a lisp growing up, but I don't see what could possibly be the benefit of having a week for awareness of said speech affliction. It seems ridiculous.

christa said...

Se.. Se... Seriously?

Meggie said...

Book me the junior suite next to you.

Bethro said...

I want to be offended on behalf of all the stutterers. I do. But I think the fact that I'm laughing about this, pretty much disqualifies me.