Monday, May 21, 2007


I totally saw a guy on rollerblades today. I didn't even know people still used (wore? rode?) those anymore.

Immediately after I saw the guy on rollerblades, I thought I saw a lady on a Segway, but it turns out that it was a lady on a bike with one of those rolling kid tents on the back.

Things on wheels are funny.

rollerblades - B+
rolling kid tents - B- (convenient, but weird)


Bethro said...

I want rollerblades AND a segway. (am I spelling that right?)

seriously, I would use them, because I think they are both awesome.

Peach said...

I so love to rollerblade and I have some.
Just no place good to ride them. :(

Meggie said...

The Chicago PD uses Segways and people go up to them and try to push them over. They patrol Millenium Park on them and it's always great to watch them try to chase after vandals.
Oh, Chicago, you're insane.
Speaking of Chicago, when are you coming?!