Monday, May 28, 2007


WARNING: this post is about things that smell bad. If you don't want to read about the things that I think smell bad, just stop reading now. I won't judge you. In fact, I'll never really know, right? So if you've just eaten, or if you have a weak stomach, come back in a few days and I promise you can read about puppies or puffy clouds or something innocuous.

OK... now that they're gone...

Good smells and bad smells are subjective. My brother likes the smell of gasoline, which, although not repulsive to me, is a little weird. Bradford pears, in flower? I think they smell like stale sex; a far-off skunk, however, is pleasant to me and evokes memories of summer nights spent with friends (a far-off skunk, mind you; nearby skunk is gross). Hot trash, sweaty teenagers, and vomit are among the top of my list of things that smells bad; clean hair and Thanksgiving dinner are probably my top two smells.

I've discovered what is, to me, the worst smell ever: the subtle combination of poo and toothpaste. Poo is in and of itself a bad smell - we can probably all agree to that - but when you mix poo and mint together, it is truly and wholly disgusting. Sometimes I can't brush my teeth at night if I've just utilized the bathroom for toilet matters, because the residual poo smell mixed with toothpaste makes me want to hurl, so I just forego clean teeth altogether. I'm telling you, it's naaaaaasty.

I also really hate the smell of baby wipes.

Tell me about smells - what are your likes and dislikes?

bad smells - F, obviously!


christa said...

I really, really like the smell of clean babies. There is something so sweet and innocent about their aroma. However, I hate the smell of burps. It doesn't matter what kind of burp or how big the burp is... they all make me gag.
Burps = bad smell
Clean, fresh baby = good smell

Ashley said...

The worst smell in the world is the smell of trash in the summer in NYC. It is SO f-ing hot, and the heat from the cement cooks the food and other assorted trash... Just take my word for it, it's NAST!

I love the smell of Aqua di gio for Men. It makes me want to lick men as they walk by wearing it.

I can't believe you didn't mention your love for the smell of leather?!?!?!

Bethro said...

I also love the smell of gasoline. I believe that everyone likes it, secretly, but is too ashamed to admit it.

I love the smell of coffee.

I hate the smell of chicken farms. I grew up in the chicken capitol of the world, with lots of chicken farms. It's disgusting, but sort of like home . . .

Peach said...

I like the smell of hot asphalt as rain is cooling it off.
I like the smell of suntan lotion (sunscreen, whatevah).
I like the smell of gas.
I sometimes enjoy that skunky smell...
I like puppies breath.

I hate the smell of chicken farms (new to me, in the last year, since I moved closer to them).
I hate the smell of something scented "rose". It's not even close to real roses.
I hate the smell of chili dogs.

shannon said...

I'm going to second Ash on city trash in summer. I just got a whiff of it yesterday & it didn't bring back good memories.

Why can't you just go brush your teeth in the kitchen sink? Nate might like that better...

Erin said...

Shannon, I can't believe that the smell of potatoes rotting in the stove drawer didn't even get a mention!!

Other bad smells: poo is right up there. Worse when you know it's in a diaper you have to change and not just in the toilet where it belongs. Worse still when it's floating in the bathtub. (no, this is not a hypothetical...) I will also nominate the funky smell that my bathroom sink gets when the drained needs to be cleared of sludge.

Good smells: apple blossoms
grilling meat in summer
clean laundry
the air right before it rains

Christa, what would be the status of a clean, fresh, burping baby??

Frannie Farmer said...

ooohhh, I can only say you are going to have blast when/if you become pregnant.
I am a very sensitive smeller which created an ultra sensitive gagger whilst pregnant!
I can not breathe the smell of Lysol or Playdough without gagging profusely! (Plus any of those ghastly 80's colognes!)

christa said...

Babies have little burps.. well sometimes they can be big... but as long as you don't put your face right in front of thier burp... it's okay. So... a clean, fresh baby that burps... will not induce gagging. Unless there is puke with the burp. Then... more gagging.

senor fuerte said...

To clarify: gasoline is nice, but racing fuel is better. It has a kind of sweet smell to it.

Emily said...

i threw up winterfresh mint once, and now i gag when i smell it.

Senora Fuerte said...

Just remembered my least favorite smell because I discovered it in our apartment last night:

Rotting Lemon.

To me: Worst Smell Ever!!!

Love the smell of fish food, though.