Thursday, May 17, 2007

An Open Letter to American Idol

Dear American Idol,

Why do you suck so hard? There was only really one acceptable outcome for the top two singers this season: Melinda and LaKisha, and yet you have forsaken them both. Why? Why? I will believe that is has to do with the teenybopper vote, silly twelve-year-olds who want "one of their own" (Jordin) or a super-cute boy (Blake, who's not really that cute aftet all) to be the next American Idol. I hate twelve-year-olds. Nut you, American Idol, you have to bear some blame. You know what Dancing with the Stars does? They give the judges' votes some weight, and those get COMBINED with the votes of the American public. Think about it.

I am sad and disheartened, AI. Of course, I'll be watching the season finale, to see which sub-par singer wins a recording contract and the title of American Idol, but I will be watching not with excitement but with resignation. Fine, AI. You win.

a Melinda- and LaKisha-free American Idol finale - D (points awarded because they'll probably both go the Jennifer Hudson route and make it just fine without being the American Idol winner, thankyouverymuch)


Bethro said...

I agree 99%. The other one percent is because I won't be watching the finale. Blake is only okay, and Jordin makes me gag. Do we really need another one of "those" singers? I was very annoyed last night. VERY annoyed.

Senora Fuerte said...

Oh American public, you just don't know what's good for you, do you? Ah well, I don't totally hate Jordin and Blake, so I'll probably watch the finale, but I'll also be watching the shelves at Best Buy for Melinda's first album. It should be out some time next week.

Ashley said...

I actually like Jordin. A LOT actually. This wasn't her best week, but I do enjoy her and I think she's super cute and an excellent singer.

Melinda irritated the shit out of me, but I think her voice is of such quality that she may almost do BETTER without the "help" of AI. And Lakisha, don't get me started! I <3 her, and I am sad that she is gone.

Peach said...

And how!
This was the first year since 2003 that I didn't watch.
Gilmore Girls was just way too important.

vierjo Fuerte said...

You all have points and they are well made, but the important thing is that good singers are recognized and will get their shot. Some of the winners slipped into obscurity. I will buy Melinda's CD not Lakisha's.

Second important point...I will win the office American Idol Pool regardless of the outcome next me.
I sure can pick 'um(in order).

amandarama said...

Dad, you're crazy - LaKisha is awesome. I'll buy her CD for you.

senor fuerte said...

Viejo's comments are at the heart of why I believe that AI is fixed. Here's the deal: Melinda doesn't need to WIN Idol to sell records; she's good enough to do it on her own now that she has the exposure. That bag of suck known as Blake Lewis needs the cache of being an AI winner to sell. Same deal with Daughtry and Clay. Votes? They don't matter.

Frannie Farmer said...

I love the open letter. You write so much better than Candy Spelling!
I don't watch it, but I have listed to some of them via the website ... I agree with you as well. Although I did get a kick out of Blake w/you give love a bad name .. the 80's girl in me!