Monday, August 10, 2009

What The...!?

Book 55 in my Cannonball Read challenge is Devil May Care by Sheri McInnis. Quick description: down-on-her-luck actress Sally meets a network executive, Jack, who changes her life. Before she was losing parts to a less-talented actress whom she resembled, with a sad part-time job, a tragic family background, and a lackluster boyfriend; with Jack, she's winning parts, dressing well, and having the time of her life. But her deep religious streak as well as a series of events too creepy to be coincidence convince her that this powerful man is the Devil. Not just a devil, but THE Devil. Is Sally crazy, or is Jack more than he seems?

So yeah, I read the book, and it was OK - fluffy, predictable, but still engaging. But here's the part I don't get: I read to page 248, then got very confused when the punctuation didn't match. Turns out the book was missing 32 pages, jumping from 248 to 281. Then, I read until 312, and it jumped back to 281. So pages 249-280 are missing, but pages 281-312 were printed twice. SO weird. I don't think I missed much - something about a nun - but I wonder how that happened. I also wonder if the friends who lent me the book ever read it...

Devil May Care - C+

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