Tuesday, April 08, 2008

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Word on the street is, Project Runway is moving to Lifetime. LIFETIME! What the fuck, Bravo? What happened? Seriously, how did this happen?

Project Runway on Lifetime is a tranny hot mess. I don't care if Tim and Heidi are still on (and that is not confirmed, one way or the other). It won't be the same. Dammit.

PR on Lifetime - F!


Ashley said...

Agreed! It's ridiculous. Bravo has done such a good job of creating quality reality T.V. I don't understand the motivation for moving it to Lifetime other than the obvious (dollars, greenbacks, Benjamin's, etc) but I think a show on Lifetime lacks the credibility of one on Bravo. It lessens it, if only by perception. I don't understand how the Weinstein company couldn't foresee a backlash against this awful, terrible, no good idea.

Shannon said...

Damn woman...using the F-bomb on the blog...clearly you feel strongly on this one!

Pugs said...

I actually like this idea as I have Lifetime and not Bravo. I could actually watch this show since I hear about it all the time!

Caduceus said...

As long as Tim, Heidi and the rest are still on I will watch. That will be weird though.