Monday, April 21, 2008

My Work Boyfriend

I have a work boyfriend. I'll call him Mike, because that's not his name (although I work with two nice young men named Mike, but neither of them is my work boyfriend). I don't see Mike very often - he used to come to my building once every two weeks or so, but now it's more like once every six months. I am always very happy when I know that Mike is coming in. I usually try to look cuter on days when he's going to be there - I shower, I put on eyeliner, and try to wear one of the more flattering outfits from my closet. I like to think that I "sparkle" just a little bit brighter when he's around. And there's nothing wrong with that. Sparkling is good. It's fun to get my flirt on.

Does this mean I don't love my man? Not a chance. No one needs to be threatened by Mike. He's just a diversion. But I was a little sad to hear that Mike is getting married. I was hoping that I was his secret work girlfriend.

work boyfriend - B-


Jenny said...

I wonder if he felt the same way when you told him you were engaged! He's upping the ante.

Frannie Farmer said...

I have a grocery store boyfriend -- since I work from home, Mr. Farmer is my work boyfriend -- I travel a distance to a specialty foods store every few weeks and it's pretty much the same thing, I try to look nicer, prayer the children don't spill somethin' on me and always check my teeth before I go in ... been married a long time, I don't see any thing wrong with it :)

Bethro said...

It's all girls where I work. No work boyfriend for me . . . :(