Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Try It, You Might Like It

At a recent work gathering, when fancy drinks and snacks were so generously purchased by my place of business, I decided to branch out from the things I usually would order and try something new. First up: the Pimm's Cup. I've been reading about the Pimm's Cup for years - they're mentioned all the time in one of my favorite book series. I did a little research on Pimm's this morning, so that you too can know what I'm talking about: Pimm's is its own kind of liquor, sort of like Southern Comfort, but Pimm's is gin-based (had I known that in advance, I wouldn't have ordered it - I'm not into gin). Pimm's Cups are traditionally made with Pimm's No. 1 and lemon soda or sometimes ginger ale, and always garnished with a cucumber. That's fun. I'd never seen one on a menu before, so I retracted my offer for a Cosmopolitan and tried the Pimm's instead. And... it was OK. I didn't love it. It was too much like champagne, or ginger ale, and I don't really like those, either, and it also didn't have a lot of flavor. I would have been better served getting that Cosmo, or just a beer.

Next up: mussels. Yes, I had never had a mussel before last night. I tend to not be into shellfish, and I think that it's a waste to try (read: pay for) something that I probably won't like - but this was one of those "get an order and pass it around and share" sort of things, so I tried one. And... I didn't like it, and this was not a surprise. It was the texture, sure, but I also didn't like the flavor.

I wonder why I don't like this fancy stuff. If we had gone to Buffalo Wild Wings for nachos and beer, I would have been all over it.

trying something new - A
not liking something new - C


Bethro said...

I myself am afraid to try a mussel. Your post has re-affirmed my fear and I'm probably not going to be trying them any time soon!

christa said...

yeah... me neither.

shannon said...

I can deal with mussels, but I'm not going to be going near any raw oysters.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for stepping out of your box! Oyster shooters are recommended, don't know about mussel shooters.

Ashley said...

I enjoy mussels and shellfish in general. Pimms I've heard of, but never a Pimms Cup. Interesting.

Neighbor said...

dahling, Pimm's no.1 is gin-based, Pimm's no.6 is vodka-based. Or the other way around. But either way you have another option!