Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I think that bikes are a great alternative to cars for the health-conscious consumer without a lot of money. Let's face it - you don't have to buy gas, or pay car insurance, or take care of those pesky parking tickets, and all the while you stay fit. But last night, on my way home from work in the dark, I saw some bad bikers.
1 - the girl without the helmet, the least of the offenses. She had a flashing white headlight and a flashing red-and-yellow backlight, so she was doing her part to stay visible, but I think she needed a helmet.
2 - the guy without the helmet or headlight wearing a dark shirt. I feel that if bikers are going to observe the rules of the road at night, they should be wearing reflective gear, or one of those cool lights.
3a - the guy without the helmet or headlight who rode across the road against the signal - meaning that even though oncoming traffic had the green light, he rode across anyway. This is colossally dumb.
3b - the same guy was wearing headphones. This pisses me off. Maybe he was enjoying some tunes, but I tell you what, when he doesn't hear somebody honking at him and gets clobbered, he won't be enjoying those tunes when he's learning how to feed himself again.

I also saw, much to my horror, a good biker - helmet, headlight, light-colored shirt - fall off her bike into traffic and nearly get straight up runned over. It was awful. And all this happened in one short drive home. I had to eat cheese and crackers to soothe myself.

bikers - B-


Meggie Cramer said...

I love my bike here in Boston - except the city was rated the #1 worst city for bikers in the US.
I don't ride in the street even though we're supposed to because at least once a week somebody gets hit. So, I ride on the giant sidewalks and ring my bell at the pedestrians to get the fuck outta my way.
I do not have a helmet, though. I should get one.

equippedtofascinate said...

Helmets are a must have for bikers. I saw someone get hit when riding there bike last summer and my life will never be the same because of it. I'd rather be fat and lazy and drive because if I get hit in my car, it hopefully won't hurt as much as getting hit on a bike.

christa said...

I like your humor. And I like cheese and crackers.