Friday, October 12, 2007

Mr. Impatient

Allow me to set the scene: I arrived in the elevator vestibule of the parking structure where I park every day, after a long and productive day - meetings, paperwork, numerous phone calls, etc. Ready to go home, yes, but not in a huge yank or anything. I had already pushed the 'down' button for my elevator, and the light had gone out, meaning the elevator was on the ground floor, just getting situated and the doors hadn't opened yet.
Cut to: impatient guy. He speed-walks into the vestibule, comes to a halt in front of the elevator doors, sees the light on the down button not lit up, and pushes the button in rapid-fire succession about eight times. Whoa, buddy! It's on its way! The doors open, he gets in first, pushes the '6' button, asks me my floor (7- I was a little late), then pushes the 'close doors' button. Nothing happens - I think elevators are programmed to wait a minute before taking off, in case someone else comes tearing around the corner - so they guy pushes the 'close doors' button four or five more times. I'm starting to get the picture here. The doors close and we head up. We reach six, and the elevator does what it is supposed to do: stop and settle. The doors never open immediately when the elevator stops, right? Because that could be potentially bad, if there had been a malfunction or something. But Mr. Impatient can't stand it, and he drums his fingernails on the elevator door. Yes, the sign of impatient people everywhere, but in an enclosed space with one other person! It was so bizarre.
As soon as the doors open, he bolted out of the elevator to his car. I hope he didn't get hung up at a bunch of red lights on his way home.

Mr. Impatient - D+


Bethro said...

I would have felt compelled to point out the obvious, and ask him if he was in a hurry to get somewhere. Or to point out that pushing the buttons so much won't make it go any faster. I think Mr. Impatient would have annoyed me. lol

Ashley said...

I have to admit that when I am riding the subway and the doors don't open right away it pisses me off. They are like elevator doors, they CAN open right away, sometimes they just DON'T. Sometimes I think that the operator just forgets to hit the button. Just yesterday I stood and I waited for at least 30 seconds for the doors to open. I stood right at the door and sort of tapped it with the book in my hand. And then I thought about this post. ..

Dustin J. Harder said...

maybe his wife was going into labor....or something?