Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dog Sitting

Nate and I have been dog sitting for the past few days. I sort of viewed it as a trial run for when we get our own dog, whenever that fateful day may be.
Sloane is, I believe, half terrier, half gazelle. She has the slimmest body and longest legs of any tine dog I've ever seen. And she can jump very high. One of my favorite things that she did is, when I was getting ready to take her for a walk and got her leash out, she would walk behind me and jump and use her front paws as a lever to springboard off my butt. It was hilarious. I wish there was a video of it. Sloane is also very cuddly. She liked to sit right next to me on the couch while I was watching TV, and sometimes she would rest her little face on my leg... so sweet!
But it wasn't all candy and roses. Sloane is a bit of a barker. By the end of her stay in our apartment, she was pretty good about giving one small bark when someone would come into the building, but on day one, she went nutso anytime the outer door opened or closed. Much time was spent saying "No barking!" Also, one day I got her poo on my hand. I'm not sure how this happened, but it was less than awesome.
We really enjoyed having Sloane stay at our house, and we miss her already. Come back, little lady!

Sloane - B+


Meggie Cramer said...

When I read this the first time I thought it said "I got her TO poo on my hand." Like it was a big accomplishment and you had trained her to do this.
I was mildly horrified.

g251 said...

No introductions??? I have sixteen papers and forty-three exams this month, so I don't have time, but Gracie was free! :P

nate said...

Hopefully she doesn't carry a grudge (or a gimp).

amandarama said...

g251 - one of Sloane's personality quirks is that she HATES other dogs - we left Gracie out of it on purpose.

Jenny said...

The gimp is gone! Don't worry about it, she was just playing it up for sympathy and extra belly rubs. I believe that she's fully back to normal now. Or, as Eric said last night when he came home, "the bitch is back!"