Sunday, March 18, 2007


Nate and I ventured up north this weekend to do a little wedding planning, and the FILs took us out to dinner at Amical on Friday night. Amical is a little bistro that specializes in French country cuisine - they make excellent bread - but sometimes the ingredients scare me. I don't especially like capers, Herbs de Provence, or lamb - so what should I eat at a French restaurant? I ordered some ravioli (ah yes, French ravioli) with mushrooms, pancetta, and little bit of bacon, and it was heavenly. I also had a chocolate raspberry torte-y thing, and it was awesome, too.

Often, when I go out to eat someplace a little fancy, I misorder, and I walk away disappointed and incredulous that people like said fancy restaurant. But not this time!

Amical - A-


queenb2u said...

Amical is my favorite place to dine even though I often get the crust covered tomato basil soup. You forgot the chewy olives and crabcake appetizers. It was a really nice evening. :)

Ashley said...

Let me know how the hunting went! Call me manana.

Bethro said...

Sounds delicious!