Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Here's your slightly inaccurate history lesson for the day: about a gazillion years ago, King Leonidas of Sparta defended his little slice of Greece with a scant 300 soldiers, clad only in leather Speedos and shin guards, against the enormous Persian army, led by drag queen King Xerxes. Sounds fun! I bet in real life it wasn't nearly as awesome as the movie 300. How could it be? The movie was awesome. I loved basically every second of it. To all the naysayers who say they didn't like certain aspects - you are lame. It's a movie based on a graphic novel (or "comic book," if you will). It's not a historical retelling! So what if the Spartans really wore full armor? I'd much rather look at rippling abs, pecs and thighs wiht just a hint of armor for effect. And you know what? Who cares if the blood disappears before it hits the ground? It is a movie based on a comic book. Get over yourselves and get into the fantasy!

Gerard Butler was awesome. I will pretend he never appeared in The Phantom of the Opera. Rodrigo Santoro was not awesome, he was just hilarious, but truly strange as the homoerotic, eight foot tall King Xerxes. But hey, an actor's gotta branch out every now and then. And Dominic West, and Lena Headey, and the guy who plays Faramir - all great.

See it now - go! Your boss/spouse/kids won't mind! GO!

300 - A

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