Thursday, February 08, 2007


Apparently, Anna Nicole Smith died earlier today. And now there's going to be a media frenzy - TrimSpa, her son, her super-old husband, basically a re-hash of her tragic ridiculous life summed up by her tragic death. Every paper, TV show and website (oh yeah, and amateur blog) will have something to say about Anna. Poor thing.

I think the gay expat over at Boomtacular said it best: I'm wearing my Guess jeans at half-ass.

Anna Nicole - B


Frannie Farmer said...


Ashlee said...

Word on is that Reese Witherspoon is being asked to play Anna in a biopic. Now somebody explain to me how that's going to work, seeing that ANS is clearly a foot taller that little Reese.

Dustin J. Harder said...

I can't lie....I'm kinda sad. Ana entertained me very VERY much. Just how she could just be on camera and say something that means nothing....nobody can slur words like her.
she will be missed.