Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cannonball Read - Book 23

I purchased So You Want To Be a Wizard at my neighborhood used book store, straight out of the Young Adult section, 'cause hey, I like wizards. And I was looking for an easy read. But I didn't love it. I needed more time for Nita, the protagonist, to not be a wizard. And I definitely needed more time for her to be bad at being a wizard. It was like, OK, I'm a wizard now, and I'm not making many mistakes. I also needed the main characters to not be a boy, a girl, a ball of light and a Lotus Esprit. Elves and centaurs I can handle, but a dog-like Lotus Esprit? Far-fetched, even for a book about wizards.

This was written in 1983, so I can't blame Diane Duane for writing a super-lame version of Harry Potter.

So You Want To Be a Wizard - C


Diane said...

Thanks much for at least checking the pub date. So few do. :)

senor fuerte said...

Did the Lotus Esprit burst into flames at any point in the book? If not, then F for authenticity.