Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cannonball Read - Book 20

I like books, OK? I like to read. I think all books are wonderful, simply because they're books. I started this challenge knowing that a book would be hard-pressed to get an F. And if you look back at the rest of the books I've read so far, you'll see that the lowest grade I've given so far was a C- (read more about that less-than-average book here. It just pains me to think of giving a book, probably what has given me more pleasure in my life than any other thing, a failing grade.

With that...

THIS BOOK WAS TERRIBLE. Once I got about 40 pages in, I thought, OK. I can quit reading it now and not be much more behind in the challenge than I already am. But then I thought, And deny myself the opportunity to give a bad grade? Never! When I bought WAGW at the used bookstore downtown, I knew it wasn't going to be amazing. Four very different friends, meeting once a week for breakfast, one always in crisis... sound familiar? But a cheap knock-off, for sure, and I was OK with that going into it. Like I said, I wasn't viewing this as the next great literary masterpiece. But OH MY GOD, was it bad. For one thing, the characters never seemed to come together. You never had a "Carrie's the glue, but Samantha and Charlotte really love each other independently of Carrie, too" moment. It seemed like two of the four characters were always at odds and didn't really like each other all that much. Another thing was, Hayley, the "Carrie" of the group, didn't have too many redeeming qualities. She was vapid, totally self-absorbed, stupid with men, and pretty boring, actually. I never cared about her. Or the other girls, for that matter. I would say this book was a total waste of time, except for this:

What A Girl Wants - F

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