Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cannonball Read, Book 17

I just finished Lucy by Ellen Feldman, and it cements something I've thought for years: presidents are NAUGHTY! We have this image of a fine, upstanding citizen, smart, serious, not funny... or else you think that Bill Clinton had the market cornered on being cool. Not so. Franklin Roosevelt was a cad. He wore a straw boater, drove a convertible (of course, they might all have been convertibles in the teens) AND he had an affair. Not sure if he played the saxophone, though.
This book also confirms that I like woman-driven historical fiction. Two of my most faves are The Eight and The Red Tent, and while I don't think that Lucy will complete the triumverate, it was a solid read that made me want to do research on the real story. And, it left out some things that might be obvious, historically speaking, which I thought was kind of cool - it made me feel like I was in the know.

Lucy - B+

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