Sunday, January 20, 2008

Movie Madness: Juno

I have been wanting to see Juno, mostly to find out for myself if all the rave reviews I've heard are true - at least, true to me. Everyone I know who's seen it keeps going on and on about the dialogue, how sharp and spot-on it is, and I'm here to tell you that... for the most part, it is. I think that at times, it was a little contrived. Yes, Juno is a tough little cookie, and yes, her rapid-fire speech and all the dialogue throughout the movie are both great. But sometimes I thought "People don't really talk like that." Kids don't say "wizard" when they mean "cool." And because of this, I didn't fully immerse myself in the movie. There were things I just couldn't get over. Nonetheless, it was a great movie. I never looked at my watch during the whole thing, which is a rarity for me. And the cast was great. I was really rooting for Jennifer Garner, who hasn't gotten a lot of mention, but she was terrific.

In summary: if the dialogue had been just a titch more believable, Juno would have gotten a straight-up A. As it is, the movie gets -

Juno - A-


Meggie Cramer said...

This is my new favorite movie. I loved it, seen it five times already.

Can we PLEASE talk on the phone soon?

emily said...

actually, i said "wizard" and "wiz" before i saw juno.

and most of my friends who have read 'lord of the flies' have said 'wizard' at least once.

-emily (an actual 16 year old girl just like juno who uses slang like juno)