Tuesday, January 08, 2008

American Gladiators

If you're not watching American Gladiators, you kind of suck. This show is awesome. Some of the competitors are weenies, but some of them are FIERCE.

My favorite Gladiator is Krush... she's in the front row with the dark swingy stacked haircut. My least favorite is Toa... is that guy even Samoan? Or Hawaiian? Or... anything but ust white?

American Gladiators - A-


Ashley said...

Seriously? I can't believe it. And I don't. And I won't.

So excited!

senor fuerte said...

Senora Fuerte and I went to a live taping a few weeks back. It was overbooked, and we couldn't get in. Major drag.

zipper said...

OK, fine... I suck. I refuse to watch this pathetic attempt on the part of NBC/Universal to crush the will of the writers' union. Too many people (non-writers) are being hurt by the shameless greed of companies like NBC/Universal, FOX, etc., and shows like Gladiators, only help them drag out the strike.

G-251 said...

I was SO excited about this comeback. And then I watched it, and I thought "wow, these interviews are really lame. Did they feed the competitors lines?" And then I saw the end of the female competition, and I realized Koya was a ringer. And maybe Venus too (they both have Gladiator names, for goodness sake).

Oh, and "I wonder what else she does for fun?" Come on, even though we're reliving American Gladiators, we don't have to relive the idiot announcers.