Thursday, April 08, 2010

Weekend at Bernhard's

So I heard this cute little story on NPR this morning (ooh, aren't I fancy?): two German women have been accused of trying to board a flight from Liverpool to Berlin -with a dead body! The widow and step-daughter of said dead body INSIST that he was alive when they got to the airport - but the airline porter is pretty sure that he was stone cold when he arrived... in a wheelchair, wearing sunglasses. BBC told me that officially repatriating a dead body can cost thousands of dollars, and it sounds like these ladies were trying to sneak him back in. Maybe they thought no one would notice that he couldn't get out of his wheelchair... or wake up... or have a pulse.

Click here to read more about these zany Germans, and click here to read more about repatriation!
Incidentally, I don't know why I'm surprised that the Liverpool airport is officially called the Liverpool John Lennon Airport, but I am - but I love it. What I love even more? That the airport's tagline is Above Us Only Sky. Now that's a poetic airport!
besting Terry Kiser - B+ (points off for creepiness)

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