Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stirring the Blood

There are some episodes of television that never fail to get me pumped. And here, my friends, are some of my favorite clips:
The West Wing, Two Cathedrals

Designing Women, If You're Not In Georgia

ER, Orion in the Sky



Jenny Jackson said...

Oh man, that West Wing clip is great. This one gets me every time:

"Toby...that's how I beat 'em."


Meggie Cramer said...

Good God that episode of ER makes me cry.

I still refuse to watch the series finale. Refuse.

Viejo Fuerte said...

Great shows like great lives eventually end. The West Wing will go down as my favorite show of all time. Dixie Carter was a beautiful classy southern lady. And ER was one of your favorite shows. I love series DVDs.

Senor Fuerte said...

"In the future, if you're wondering, 'Crime, boy, I don't know' is when I decided to kick your ass."