Monday, February 15, 2010

In It To Win It

Hi readers. I've hit a wall.

I don't really have anything to blog about. I'm still reading books, watching TV and movies, playing with my puppy, going to work, and trying to find a little time to see my man in between. But there's no SPARK to anything I'm doing. It's all day-to-day stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's real life. But where does that leave this little corner of the blogosphere? I'm not planning a wedding, I'm not having a baby, I'm not embarking on a quest to read an insane amount in a set period of time. I have nothing to write about.

And that's where you come in. I am SERIOUSLY taking requests. Want me to watch a show and write about it? OK! Want me to test a product or a recipe or a restaurant and give you the lowdown? Sold. I'm not done writing, I just need inspiration. So help me.

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singlegirlsnewyear said...


1. Start watching American Idol again and chronicle Simon's last season?

2. Go to Baskin Robbins, ask for a taste of all 31 flavors and then write a review of them. And write about how annoyed all of the workers are at you after you've sampled all 31!

3. Live blog the season finale of The Bachelor.

4. Go to random blogs and then write reviews of them.

Those are my ideas so far. I will continue to brainstorm! :)

viejo fuerte said...

Tell us about Sundance

amanda said...

Single Girl - I am all about #3. Not so much #1, because I think a lot of people don't care too much about AI. #2? INSPIRED.

Viejo - I did that a little and no one seemed to care! I'll revisit it.

Chargenda said...

I care and want to hear about every little thing at Sundance.

My ideas:

1. Start watchign the Young and Restless Again (just for a week please) and write about it. I would be soooo excited.

2. More Oscar talk. Review the movies you have seen.

3. Review your husband every day and give him a grade! Ha!

4. How about reviewing a train ride and subsequent visit to Chicago?

Senor Fuerte said...

Alright, hard-ass. Autocross season starts soon. Vacuum out your car, put air in your tires, and find out what your brother has been talking about for 20 years. Up for the challenge?