Saturday, July 04, 2009

Cannonball Read - Book 45

This is probably not a book I would have chosen for myself, but my friend Shannon sent it to me (thanks, boo) in part of our ongoing cross-country book exchange... and who am I to not read something that turns up on my doorstep?

I spent the last fifteen minutes trying to sum up The Undomestic Goddess in one paragraph, but you know what? You already know exactly what this book is about. British Lawyer Girl falls apart but ultimately finds her way... with a hot gardener. Well, duh. What else could this book be about? And do you really want to know the intricacies of British Lawyer Girl faking her way through cooking and cleaning, or the way she rallies back in the end? No, you don't. Because you can filll in the gaps yourself. In fact, you probably could have written this book... or could still write it, right now, with that general framework: British lawyer girl, hot gardener, life falling apart, life coming back together. If you know enough to throw in some comedy, you've got it made.

Did you know that they call vacuuming "hoovering" in England? How awesome is that?

So Shannon, friend of the book exchange, keep on sending books... but no more Sophie Kinsella.

The Undomestic Goddess - C-

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Shannon said...

I have no delusions that this would become your favorite book, but given that I think it took me about 3 hours to read, I thought it was good for Cannonball readers. You don't even actually have to send it back. Donate it somewhere. Or just leave it on a table at Starbucks.