Friday, July 03, 2009

Cannonball Read - Book 44

This one's courtesy of my sci-fi-lovin' husband. Anne McCaffrey is a sci-fi superstar, and Nate picked it up for me at the used bookstore before our big trip to California. And the overwhelming feeling I had while reading Crystal Singer was, I guess I've read a lot of fantasy that's I've been calling sci-fi, 'cause MAN, this book has a lot of "sci" in it. I didn't realize the science part of science-fiction could be so... scientific. I'm pretty sure I actually learned something while I was reading this, something about refraction or weather or speed. The sci was surprising - not unenjoyable, but I definitely prefer fantasy. If I have to fully suspend my reality, I don't want to think while I'm doing it.

But it was good!

Crystal Singer - B+

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