Monday, June 15, 2009

Vacay, Part One

I am back from part one of my two-part vacation, and I would like to share the highlights with you.

1 - I (via my SIL, Senora Fuerte, participated in Worldwide Knit In Public Day! And we kicked some ass in bar trivia, and I drank some big beers... which, to be frank, ended in Tears and Shame in Public Day, followed by Laundry in Private Day. I'll let you deduce what happened, and you'll probably be right. That's enough about that.

2 - I had a delicious cupcake from Sprinkles, the world's first cupcake bakery. Yum. Read more about that here.

3 - I had a couple bites of this muffin. I know, right? He's a total dreamboat.

4 - I read three books, bringing my Cannonball Read total up to 43. Reviews coming soon!

Good times, good food (particularly the beans-and-rice at Beach Mex), good family. And vacay's not even over yet! Keep tuning in for regular updates part two - fewer babies, more evening gowns.

vacay - A+


Jenny Jackson said...

Oh Lordy, that's one cute baby! Usually people have to choose between cupcakes and muffins - you were lucky enough to have both! Miss ya, friend!

viejo fuerte said...

Jomamma would be so proud of the Day of Tears and Shame, but then maybe you are more like me. Love ya

Senora Fuerte said...

Damn, if that kid ain't a Strong when you put a camera in front of him!! I didn't know he was old enough to mug already. Blue Steel!!

Shannon said...

I told you once that I didn't want anyone ever to drink again. Clearly you didn't listen to me...