Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There's a new blog in town, and it's going to knock your socks off - Cupcakes Are So Hot Right Now. Me and my buddies JJack and Big Bri will post commentary on our favorite cupcake flavors as we embark on a six-week taste test of all the offerings at Cupcake Station, just down the street from our place of employment. See, we discovered that they have this promotion every Wednesday, where it's buy two, get one free. AMAZING! So we're gonna take turns buying the cuppies, and try to work our way through the flavors... perhaps with an ultimate winner? Also, even though the name of the blog won't change, we may also right about other culinary delights that pass through the doors of our esteemed business establishment. Yee-hah!

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Cupcakes Are So Hot Right Now - B+ (points off for being the new kid)

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Shannon said...

I think a cupcake place close to your place of employment sounds dangerous...