Monday, February 09, 2009

Cannonball Read Double-Shot

I'm still reading, but at a slower pace than in Janaury. Fewer holidays, busier weekends, that sort of thing. I am concerned that I will not meet my February goal, but I've also determined that I need to read 25 books every three months. Sounds doable, right?
Book 9 is Lucky You by Carl Hiaasen. I've only read one of Hiaasen's books before, and they're a nice diversion for me, as I don't usually go in for ecological mystery/thrillers about sport fishing, turtles or rednecks. Lucky You was a good read, kept me entertained, but I didn't LOVE it. It hasn't catapulted to the top of my all-time favorite books list, nor will I ever read it again. But that doesn't mean that it was bad. I guess I'm ambivalent.
Book 10 is Sweet and Low by Rich Cohen. I got this book for Nate for Christmas, because the cover was TOTALLY AWESOME. And the story sounded great, too: Brooklyn after the war, family rivalry, the diet craze, the Mafia, disinheritance... but ultimately, it was too much. The story was great, and certain sections were totally captivating and engrossing, but then there would be a whole separate section on a totally different topic and I couldn't quite stay plugged in.
Overall, I'd say two minor missteps in the year in books so far.

Lucky You - C+
Sweet and Low - C+


Andy said...

I think Hiassen is funny, but not nearly as funny as some other authors. You should read Christopher Moore. Lamb is my favorite book ever. Be ready to laugh!

amanda said...

Are you kidding me!? I LOVE Christopher Moore - Lamb is for sure in my top ten!