Friday, August 01, 2008

july, part three - lingerie

I continued my big month with a lingerie shower for EJ (she of the Chicago bachelorette party the previous weekend). I think I like showers. Ladies wear nice clothes, and nametags or corsages, and eat chicken salad and croissants and fruit salad and drink punch, and there are usually party favors, and yet someone always say something a little raunchy. I believe EJ's mom KJack told us all about the beautiful black man she saw running in her neighborhood. And you play games! I love games!

This was a lingerie shower, and EJ and I were concerned that she was going to receive a lot of thongs or flannel long-sleeved pajama sets, two things that she does not wear. We were happy to discover that she received no flannel, and no thongs! She really came out on top.
The only downside to this lovely day was the horrendous construction I encountered on my way there. I was half an hour late to the party. I felt like a tool. Everyone was extremely nice about it, but seriously? Half an hour? That is unacceptable MOH behavior. I will have to try harder.

lingerie shower - A-

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Frannie Farmer said...

Oh so glad she didn't get flannel, URGH. so don't like flannel!