Tuesday, July 29, 2008

july, part two - chicago

Upon returning from New York, I worked a feverish three days at my fine town's Art Fair, where all the art sits atop copper sticks. OK, not ALL of it, but about 80% of the affordable art is garden art, and it's on a stick. I mostly sold hot dogs and counted piles & piles of money. That's what happens when you become a manager.
But I got to leave Art Fair a day early to go to Chicago for EJ's bachelorette party. See, I'm a maid of honor, and I had to be there to make sure that we DID IT UP RIGHT. First and foremost was the shopping excursion. Sequins were needed, and sequins are what we got. I wore a black tank top, with sequins, and some sassy dark jeans, with EJ wore a less sparkly top but a teeny-tiny miniskirt constructed ENTIRELY of sequins. And she also wore a tiara with a veil and pearls. As you can see here, a nice young man at a fine establishment was entranced by said pearls.

The night wore on, we visited several bars, much alcohol was consumed, I texted some friends who live in the area who were unable to come out & play, and then the bride got a little glassy. I think this picture sums up the whole night pretty well:

It's OK, she knows that guy.

bachelorette party - B+ (some points off for the hotel expense and the vomit [not mine])

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Chargenda said...

I give it an F because I didn't see you and didn't know you were here until the middle of your evening....boo!