Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Six Degrees

Hi - I (zero) have a brother (that's one).

My brother is close personal friends with Felicity Huffman (that's two).

Felicity is on a hit show with Eva Longoria (that's three).

Eva has recently opened a restaurant with Todd English (four), where a nice young man named Seth is the main man in charge in the kitchen (five).

My bestie is Seth's sister.

So you see? Even if we didn't know each other, we'd still be only six degrees away from knowing each other. Awesome.

Six Degrees of Separation - A


Ashley said...

First of all, SO GLAD that I finally made it to your blog.

Seond of all, thanks for using that picture.

Third of all, My bro is NOT the "main man" at the resturant.

Fourth of all, I think this is super funny and thanks for writing about it.

P.S. Good use of "bestie."

zipper said...

Cute post, but that's not actually how the theory of degrees of separation works. C-

amandarama said...

zipper, tell me how it works, then! this is how i've been operating for years! don't tell me i'm doing it wrong and then not tell me how to do it right!

sigh. i'm a failure at six degrees of separation.

bethro said...


bethro said...


zipper said...

I was KIDDING! I just really like the way you grade your own posts, so I made a snarky grading of my own.

You're doing it right. Have you ever visited the Oracle of Bacon site? It tells you how many degrees everyone is from Kevin Bacon.

senor fuerte said...

I think it would be kind of an overstatement to call Flick and I "close personal friends." We're tight enough that I can call her "Flick," but that's about it.

amandarama said...

Senor, I also referred to you (to a friend_ as "a part-time employee that she really loves." Is that better?

Frannie Farmer said...

Wow. I don't think I am Six Degrees to anyone. Now I am really going to have to think about it.

I am reading The Namesake because of YOUR review of the movie! So far - it's good!
Keep 'em comin'!

Barbara said...

I have two!

(1) I know--well, knew--Linda Ellerbee. She was Linda Smith then. She was on my freshman floor at college. She borrowed one of my records--yes, vinyl, for you younger types--and never returned it. She married a guy whose last name was Smith. The Ellerbee came later.

(2) Annie, my college roommate, who was my matron of honor last year, has a high school friend named Kathy. Kathy and I were bridesmaids in Annie's wedding. Kathy's daughter is now married to Dennis Quaid.


equippedtofascinate said...

There's me. I'm best friends with Rumor Willis.

erin said...

Isn't it spelled Rumer?