Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Everything Must Go!

While out on yet another shopping trip this weekend, I discovered that our friendly neighborhood Pier 1 was going out of business. Sad as it is (where will all the children buy their papasans?), I jumped at the chance to do some bargain shopping... but Pier 1 let me down. I suppose they shouldn't be blamed - after all, everyone wants to do a little bargain shopping - but pickin's were slim. I had hoped to get a few things to stock my gift supply kiosk - what, you didn't know that I aspire to be the lady who keeps a supply of gifts on hand just in case one is ever needed? Please! Anyone who loves gift wrap as much as I do knows that you should always have a stock of candles, coffee mugs and wine on hand so you can give a gift at a moment's notice. But alas, those decorative items were the first to go. There were some crazy pillows, and a few janky candles, and not much else. I managed to find a couple things for my FMIL, and if she doesn't like 'em, no big deal, because they were CHEAP! I also found a charming little picture frame that matches the decor of my living room. Good times.



Anonymous said...

yes, you should always keep wine on hand. As well as lots and lots of bourbon.

queenb2u said...

Are you saying I'm cheap??? You know I don't care. It's the thought, right. Besides, at our Christmas, it's the amount of gifts that counts. I thought maybe you bought the giant round chair. FMIL :P

Peach said...

I love a good sale, but I LOVE the chair in your pic of choice, even more.
I have yet to set foot in a Pier 1.
3 children kind of cramps the need for going in stores like that.

Bethro said...

I love Pier 1. I agree with Peach about the children part though. As much as I love that store, I cannot go in there unless I'm childless, which doesn't happen often. I'm jealous that you got to go to a closeout sale there. Although, Peach, if it makes you feel any better about not having that awesome chair, you should know that with 3 small children, that chair is NOT fun. Seriously, it falls over.

aleavi said...

god i luv those couches that you got a picture of!!!