Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Movie Madness: Star Trek

Finally got around to watching Star Trek the other night. It probably would have been better on the big screen, or at least a bigger at-home screen... with surround-sound. Anybody want to get me a 50" flat screen?

I really liked this version of Star Trek - I'm a sucker for origination stories. And Chris Pine and Zach Quinto were great as Kirk and Spock! Maybe too much sexual tension... and I really liked that there was some plot to this movie. It was an action-driven story, to be sure, but there was in fact a story. Good times!

Star Trek - A-

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Senor Fuerte said...

Oh heck yes. So many good things in this film. Karl Urban's over-the-top-and-therefore-lethally-accurate McCoy was the highlight for me, and Simon Pegg deployed the best Scottish dialect I have ever heard. Plus, did you notice how Kirk lost almost every fistfight he got into in this movie? Priceless.

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