Sunday, November 15, 2009

Love Is In The Air

Two of my coworkers and another young friend of mine have all gotten engaged in the past three weeks. And just about three years ago, the hubs and I got engaged. I have two people using the marquee at work to propose in the next six weeks (and here's an article about another one that took place over the summer), and I've had three or four inquiries from recently engaged couples thinking about getting married at the theater.
Seems like love is in the air in the fall. Why is that? Does crisp weather make you feel like canoodling? Are people trying to give that big gift before the holidays - or start the wedding planning over the holidays when the families are together?
Whatever the reason, I like it. Good game, all of you.

love - A


Jenny Jackson said...

I know about Ariel, who was the other one???

amanda said...


Just kidding. Brian!

Erin said...

I've never noticed a trend, but I suspect people would be likely to propose this time of year so they don't have to spend the entire holiday season with their families asking them when they are going to get engaged. It also leaves a nice, manageable amount of time to plan a summer/early fall wedding. But I got engaged June 1, so what would I know?

Jenny Jackson said...

WHHHAAAAHHH??!?! I am calling you this week for deets!