Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'm setting the record straight: I am not into tattoos. Now, this doesn't mean that, if you have a tattoo, I think less of you as a person. Some of my best friends have tattoos. But they're not for me. I don't think I could ever care about something so much that I would want to have a representation of that thing permanently inked onto my body. Yeah, I said it. I'm selfish. I can appreciate the sentiment of tattooing a child's name, but I also think that Mommy doesn't need to have "Junior" on her lower ass/back. That's a little weird. I also think it's a bad idea to tattoo a lover's name on your body. Look at where that got Johnny Depp.

I have one gigantic tattoo no-no: wings. Listen, people. You are not angels. You are not fairies. You are certainly not bats. You do not have wings, and you never did. So why the angel wing tat, huh? Why is that cool? I'll tell you why. It's not.

I have a secondary tattoo no-no: unless you are a virtuoso studying at Mannes or Eastman or Longy or The Juilliard School, DO NOT tattoo f-holes on your back. You are not a cello.

tattoos - C-


Anonymous said...

you said f-hole...


Frannie Farmer said...

I have a tattoo .. or two.
But they are small. Meaningful? Hmm, not so much. I just always wanted one.
I knew enough not to place the name of my beloved on my backside - Thank God ... but my tastes have definitely changed and had I been looking into the future I might have chosen something else.
That said, I absolutely don't get (or enjoy the sight of) the all over body tat's - or the wing tat's. I think it looks silly.

Meggie Cramer said...

Hey, I just got a tattoo today.

Bethro said...

I agree 100% about tattoos. I just can't think of anything I like enough to be that "permanent".

Anonymous said...

The point of a tattoo is to represent something about you. That is the purpose tattoos have served since they were created. I have two, one is an american flag and one is the alchemist cross from the anime FMA. In 20-30-40 years i may not like anime any more, america might not even exist (doubtful) but what remains is the fact that at one point in my life i was into anime, and i was an american. As long as what you put on you has significance then there isnt a proble. Wings, if anyone gets them with the intent of using them, then they are stupid, other then that it is the same as anyother tat.