Thursday, July 05, 2007


I like a lot of milk in my cereal. A lot of milk. Some might call it overmilking. I want every piece of cereal to be wet, not just the stuff at the bottom. However, I do like the very top layer of cereal to be crunchy when I first start eating. So there's a very specific cereal-to-milk ratio.

But I don't drink the milk at the end. This is wasteful, and my FH gets very annoyed. Every morning, when I pour the milk down the drain, he says "Wastrel!"

The only cereal I've found that holds up to my overmilking is Shredded Mini-Wheats. Sometimes I have to re-milk when I'm having SMWs - they're just so absorbent.

Also, when I was a little girl, my parents once made me have my cereal with Gatorade, because I had a cold and they were concerned about the effects of dairy on my breathing. Not a taste sensation.

overmilking - C+ (good for me, bad for cows)


Senor Fuerte said...

On occasion, our parents would exhibit some very peculiar behavior. Also, colorful language.

Bethro said...

Um it's weird that they made you eat cereal with gatorade. Why not just let you eat it dry and then drink some gatorade?? lol

Barbara said...


Why didn't you warn me before it was tooooooooo late? LOL

Ashley said...

What kind of cereal was it? If it was Fruit Loops or something, it would at least be within a certain theme. If it was Rasin Bran or the like, that would be really gross. I mean, technically, it would be really gross either way.

Two full days!

Viejo Fuerte said...

Frosted Mini Wheats are the favorite of Viejo Fuerte. I put butter in the bottom of the bowl, add the mini wheats, then pour heated milk over the top. Great winter hot cereal. As for the peculiar behavior and colorful language, Senor, neither you nor your sister turned out half bad. My grandchildren should be so lucky as to have parents like you did.

Peach said...

Is that as bad as cereal with orange juice? or eating it with a fork?

Frannie Farmer said...

a friend always had her cereal (regardless of the kind) with apple juice - ick, ick and ick again.
All of my children use too much milk in their cereal and I can rarely make them drink it ... I mostly bite my tongue about it now.