Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ice Cream

My good buddy Bethro asked me to write about either ice cream or coffee, and for me, the choice was easy. I LOVE ice cream. I have so many things to say about ice cream - and they just might fulfill some of the other requests people have made recently...

To begin, there is no choice but waffle cone. Sugar cones are fine if you're trying to watch your weight, but really, if you're that concerned about it, you shouldn't be eating ice cream in the first place! Waffle cones give a better ice cream to cone ratio, and the cone itself is much better than a sugar cone.

As for flavors... to each his own, I suppose, but I prefer the vanilla based options. Fruit flavors and actual ice cream don't go well together, I think - that's why you'll never see me eating peach ice cream or strawberry ice cream (toppings are a different story, but more on that later). I can eat the hell out of some chocolate chip cookie dough or Black Bear. In a pinch, a chocolate-based ice cream such as Bear Claw will do, and there's always Mint Chocolate Chip for an especially hot summer day. But nine times out of ten I eat vanilla-based ice creams. As for toppings, Hershey's Chocolate Syrup is far and away the best ever. Strawberries are good, and caramel is good, and other fresh fruit options are yummy, too. But I don't like those nasty things that harden when they hit the ice cream - Magic Shell? Gross.

One of the things that's NOT awesome about my new apartment is it's proximity to ice cream. Right now, I live two blocks from a delightful neighborhood ice cream shop, and I will miss it when I can't walk there. Also, since Nate shares my love for ice cream and neither of us really give a damn about wedding cake, we're planning on having an ice cream bar at the wedding. Several flavors, toppings, brownies, bananas, and maybe some Coke or root beer. YUM!!!

ice cream - B+


christa said...

the ice cream bar is a great idea. i worked at a place where there was an ice cream bar for a wedding and it was amazing. definite hit.

Peach said...

awesome on the ice cream bar thing!!

I like waffle cones and chocolate based ice-creams... but vanilla will do if you're going a marble stone creamery type place

bethro said...

As a fellow ice cream lover (I'm not even picky about ANY flavor, I really do like them all) I'm green with envy about your ice cream bar wedding. I know that the ice cream bar isn't the main part of your wedding, but in my mind, I'll always wish I got to go to your ice cream bar wedding! That rocks.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Why waste calories on cake when you could have ice cream?

And you just reminded me how much I love Kilwin's ice cream, especially Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Mackinac Island Fudge. I've already checked and there is a Kilwin's in Traverse City. Thank goodness we have almost a year to diet.